About Charles

As an exceptionally well groomed and short haired man I arrived in Kenya 2014. Slightly young and naïve I was suddenly confronted with the strong African culture. During that time, I performed an internship in the financial sector in Kisumu, close to Lake Victoria.

I soon realized that finance is not necessarily my cup of tea and as I had already been travelling to Eastern Africa as a young child, I knew that my true passion lies in exploring the Undiscovered. Travelling whenever I could, which opened my eyes and I wanted others to experience what I had experienced, the real Africa.

In Kisumu I started handing out flyers to all expats, offering trips ‘off the beaten track’. My unique selling point and the way I have always differentiated myself from other travel agencies is the fact that I avoid the touristy circus (boring and crowded paths).
People cherished and loved this aspect and next to my passion for travel, my sense for business grew. Now I organize trips for the adventurous kind whilst being a pioneer in offering exciting trips.

Our Travellers

So who dares venture into the realm of mysterious Africa? Who have walked these lands before, who have visited before…. Who are our travellers?

Meet the team

We are a like-minded bunch of people with a wild sense of discovery and the aim of providing our clients with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We put our clients first, our explorations second and our twerking BBQ third.

The Villa

Truly a paradise! The Danish Villa gives us a homey feeling due to its post-colonial style; it is spacious, has a wild and therefore charming garden (3,5 acres!). It serves us as home, office and BBQ HQ. Functioning from Africa, we continuously discover new parts of the continent and adjust our itineraries with legendary activities..