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At Charlie’s Travels, we’d like to make a positive impact on our environment. We try our best, but you can also help out! Check out the following behavioural guidelines for your trip to Africa, and all will be perfectly fine. Please read
You’re going to Africa! We can imagine that you don’t exactly know what to expect, and that the sound of ‘Africa’ in general is a bit more intimidating than that of an Asia or South-America. No worries: we’re here with our local
I quite my job and moved to Africa
Hi there, staring at your computer… you’re probably bored. I know EXACTLY how that feels, because I have done it for the past 5 years. Working for a big corporate, stagnant lifestyle, daily bureaucratic hassle…. until I QUIT! It seems to be
Girls in Africa - wat neem je mee naar Kenia? Kaas!
Nog maar een paar nachtjes, ze is er bijna! Volg de verhalen van ons nieuwe aanwinst Catherina. Zo interviewde ze vorige week girl boss Merel hoe vrouwvriendelijk een stad als Nairobi is. En de week daarvoor ging haar hondje er bijna aan in
Nyege Nyege Festival - Charlie's Travels
This year Charlie’s Travels is making an effort make African festival accessible to a larger public across seas. After Lake of Stars (Malawi), Kilfi New Years (Kenya), Bushfire (Swaziland) and of course Africa Burn we wish to present you a personal favourite:
The winds for this summer look amazing in Kenya! Charlie's Travels Kitesurfing
You gotta read this: The wind is seriously picking up and it looks as if this kite season in Kenya season is going to be an epic! We’ve previously posted on why kiting in Kenya is legendary (awesome wildlife, pristine beaches, african vibes,
This is how to stay elegant, clean and healthy when you are on adventure in East-Africa! A girl’s packing list for East Africa
Stay clean, healthy and elegant: a girl’s packing list for East Africa! I moved to Nairobi at the beginning of this year. Full of excitement, but with no idea what to expect. If you go to the Caribbean you know you need
This blog is written by Charlie’s Travels about a typical African Festival. At Charlie’s Travels we organise African Festival Travels. We organise complete trips build around real african festivals which ofcourse include a weekend of festival, but besides include multiple days or
Nobody wants to carry too much cash around, especially when we are traveling. I always find it troublesome to worry about how much to bring and where to hide my money during a trip. Africa got the perfect solution with M-Pesa! In
Africa is the origin of music, rhythm and dance. However, the vast amount of festivals are still not very well known in the Western World. For years already there are organised similar and dissimilar festivals compared to Western festivals in Africa. Here
Basically, if you love healthy food, Africa is not a bad place to be. The availability of local fresh fruits is just amazing! Last few years I sourced my carbohydrates, fats and proteins mainly from fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and occasionally some