Afrika is booming. It isn’t the first time that we try to convey this message, and it most certainly won’t be the last. To show hipsters all around the world how it’s done, we present to you: Nairobi, the East African urban
Maasai village people and motor - Charlie's Travels
The two international friends, Caro from Spain and Brittany from the U.K. arrived together at the airport in Nairobi. What followed was an amazing journey along the highlights (highlights are highlights for a reason) and the offbeat hidden gems that Kenia has
Hidden gem Kenia beach
A lot of people talk about Bali as a mecca for peace, love, organic shizzle and remote working. But what about the touristic overkill? The lack of beach space? The great migration of hipsters and backpackers who have, like, ‘completely changed as
Matatu culture in Nairobi, Moha Graffix
While walking down a dirt road in Nairobi’s notorious Eastleigh neighborhood, we spot ‘him’ in the distance: a man dressed in a paint-smeared overall leaning against the biggest black and yellow dirt bike I’ve ever seen. As we walk towards him he
Mijn eerste weekend in Kenia en ik zit potverdikkie al direct met mijn dikke billen achterop de motor midden in het prachtige Amboseli, Kenia. Ik sta oog in oog met een olifant met slagtanden langer dan de afmetingen van mijn Amsterdamse kippenhok
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Een avontuur is pas echt begonnen als je kunt zeggen dat je een potje goed hebt staan janken op een vliegveld. Aangezien mijn brakke hart de emoties niet aan kon, liet ik de tranen aan mijn moeder over. Next destination: de Charlie’s Travels HQ
motorsafari in Kenia
YES! For anybody and everybody interested in pure adventure on the African planes. Find out more about our the motortrips we organise here. #1: Save money Yes you greedy Dutchman: motor safari’s can save you your hard earned money! Some national parks
girls kitesurfing in africa
Hey to all the girls out there! Kiting is frequently represented as a tough, rough and manly sport – but here in Kenya we know better. Let me take a moment to explain (convince!) you why more ladies should make their way
Meeting Maasai
We all know sharing is caring: travelling is partially exciting for yourself, but also a good way to spice up the social pages. Especially when you go to an “exotic” destination such as Africa. You can’t just go home with nothing. Who will
Motortrip around Lake Victoria, East Africa.
After working Usumbara Mountains of Tanzania for two years I decided it was time to quit my job and return home to the Netherlands. Before I left, however, I was determined to do a farewell trip through East Africa. Luckily for me two
Monkey's in the trees on a early morning lake walk - Lake Elementaita
  A special place in Kenya: Lake Elementaita  After a long day at Hell’s Gate (I had saved my mom from a heatstroke by picking her and her bike up with a ranger jeep), I could not be bothered with the 1,5 hour drive from
Maasai Tribal trek
THE BEST OFF THE BEATEN TRACK DESTINATIONS IN KENYA We love Kenya! It’s our home country from out of which we operate and work. And thank god other people love Kenya too. After a few lesser years in tourism it’s finally picking