8 best instagram spots South Africa

Sharing is Caring. So we are happy to share the best Instagram spots in South Africa with you, which you can share with your friends, family and fans on your trip – or via our special travel platform. Instagram remains a weird and fairytale phenomenon, where traveling as a digital nomad seems to be the norm and everyone seems to be walking in perfection and always in bikini. We are happy to believe that myth and are therefore very happy to check the most instagrammable spots in South Africa.

iSimangaliso beach

8. Diversity in iSimangaliso Wetland Park
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From very large to very small. From dry bush to wet sea. From off the beaten track camping to lavish luxury. With iSimangalis Wetland Park we kick off this instagrammable hotspot South Africa list. This park merges into the ocean and for that reason alone it might as well be ranked # 1. There are 5 different ecosystems and these little natural wonders in themselves are of course diverse enough to give your insta a good African wax. Coral reefs, beach and coastal forests, salt and fresh water swamps, open river estuaries, lush coastal plains and drier woodlands; and spot the Big Five. The pleasure of watching …

Walk through colorful Soweto
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Soweto short for South Western Townships. Hometown of Nelson Mandela & Desmund Tutu, who both lived on the same street, making Soweto the only place in the world where two Nobel laureates lived on the same street at the same time. The beating heart of the Johannesburg arts scene and the cultural hotbed of Southern Africa. Soweto, where revolutions began, inhabited since 1904 by purely black or Asian Africa. A melting pot of everything colorful and new. Hipster Africa at your insta, bungy jumping from the Orlando Towers, which you see above. Welcome to Soweto, Darling.

6. Photogenic Tsitsikamma National Park
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The name Tsitsikamma comes from the Khoi and means “place with a lot of water”. And water has it. The Storms River makes its way through the forest of Tsitsikamma and plunges into the sea at the height of the impressive Storms River Bridge. Dolphins can also be found here regularly. The most famous trail in this park is the Ottertrail (named after the Cape Otter who lives here). This trail is known as one of the most beautiful hiking routes in the world. The tour lasts 5 days and 4 nights, during which you walk a full 44 kilometers along the rugged coastline. You sleep in the comfortable cabins on the way. If you can save the days, this is really recommended! Nature as intended and photogenic as Giselle B.

Stunning Cape of Good Hope
#kaapdegoedehoop #solidasarock #sunrise #loveisintheair #defender

Cape of Good Hope, a mythical place, a place where hope and fear meet. Maybe the center of the world. A tipping point. This tip of the African continent may not be as off the beaten track as we would like, but it is a great addition to your travel curriculum. This bucket list is for the backpacker, jet setter and adventurer.

Cape of Good Hope South Africa
Stellenbosch vineyards South Africa

4. The winelands in Franschhoek and Stellenbosch
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Live the life … Stellenbosch and Franschhoek are perfect for a game of unabashedly jet-setting and posh posing between vines with beautiful mountains in the background. Or with many glasses of wine and a luxury cheese platter at one of the many wine farms, as if you were in endless Tuscany & Argentina & Australia at the same time. Grand, compelling and rich. Once founded by the Dutchman Simon van der Stel, home to the whitest university in Africa since 1863. In 2018, Stellenbosh is a true instagram pilgrimage site and an excellent base after landing in Cape Town.

3. Street Art in Maboneng
#strollingthecity #maboneng #jozi #cityvibes #lovemylife

Maboneng is beautiful. The street art in Maboneng, a neighborhood in Joburg CBD, is world famous. With impressive themes, a walk through the city equals a visit to a museum. This concrete jungle is the pilgrimage site for the African hipster. You cannot cross the neighborhood borders here without large sunglasses, rolled-up pants and a fixie. Jozi dangerous? Mwah, the fashion police are never really far away …

Maboneng street art south africa
drakensbergen south africa

2. Fairytale Drakensberg
#feelingfrodo #goldenpeaks #lesotho #fairytale #drakensberg

In a fairytale mood? Drakensberg is your only answer. There is nothing like Lord of the Rings, here on the border between South Africa and Lesotho, on top of the Sani-Pass, you will find better fairytale stories than the Brothers Grimm ever recorded. Take walks on the winding paths and imagine yourself on ancient trade routes that are still ridden by horse by the inhabitants of this beautiful area. Spend the night in a real inn, drink home-brewed beer and fresh flat breads. A glimpse into centuries from long ago.

1. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
#peaceparc # spottingthebig5 #kgaladitranfrontierpark #natureismything #northwestSA

Safari is Africa. No trip is complete without a giraffe, hippo or elephant, preferably all of them. The Kalahari starts there and that alone is already a mile stone in itself … On 1 as the best instagram spot the park where you think you don’t see anything at all and then suddenly you are surrounded by lions. Ok, ok, we smuggle a bit, because a part of the park is in Botswana … All in all there is enough to see in the very off the beaten track Kgaladi park – it is also twice the size of the Kruger Park – and we love the desolate expanse for which the Kalahari has become so famous. Residents: Kalihari lion with black mane, the cheetah, brown hyena, wild cat, springbok, wildebeest, hartebeest and honey badger … And endless tight purple skies at dusk and dawn under a red, yellow, brown plain. Complementary colours; it works, YEAH BABY!

Kgalgadi south africa

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