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“Tourism is an industry jam-packed with clichés where travellers are often pushed in the same direction, ultimately creating mass tourism in one place. This culture is not always good for the environment, the local communities or the travel experience of the traveller. Don’t get me wrong, a lodge-safari-lodge-beach holiday is beautiful, but when you return home, what have you seen and experienced from this continent? How many people have you spoken to? What is your actual impact on the environment? And more importantly, what is the story that you take back? ”

– Charlie


If there is one continent that is subject to stereotypes, misconceptions, and prejudice, it is Africa. When you turn on the television in the Netherlands, you will mainly see sensational and catastrophic reports. Often with good reason, but these reports dictate only one story. A monotonous story of the enormous variety and diversity that comprises the African continent. This image, the one-sided story, the only perspective, is in need of change!

So is tourism. An industry bogged down in clichés, in which travelers are massively pushed in the same direction. Not always good for the climate, the local communities, or the traveler’s travel experience. A lodge-safari-lodge-beach holiday is nice, but what have you really seen and experienced on this continent? How many people have you really spoken to? What is your real impact on the environment? And more importantly, what is the story you take back with you?

OUR MISSION STATEMENT We are changing perspectives by encouraging a new way of travel and sharing these travel experiences.


The other story about Africa. What is it then? This is not something we are trying to tell you; you are going to experience it yourself! Our mission is to help you get a richer picture of the continent in a sustainable way, so that you can then form your own new story. A story that goes beyond the stereotypes, that you in turn can share with the rest of the world. That’s why we take you on a journey that challenges the status quo; a new way of traveling that takes you off the beaten track and brings you into contact with inhabitants who show you their Africa. Authentic experiences and equal cultural exchanges that contribute to your own image of this diverse continent!


For a long time, the West has told a one-sided story about the African continent. But the danger of one dominant story is that it is interpreted as the truth. Africa is not one story. Africa is made up of infinite stories. From infinite perspectives. We want to introduce you as a traveller to a story about Africa that is not told by commercial lodges and tourist attractions; but by the people themselves, by the places you find when you go off the beaten track.

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We develop our own routes and experiences

So, to give you a more complete picture of your African travel destination, we put together off-the-beaten-track trips to areas where you won't find many other tourists in khaki-safari hats. This way, we not only spread the word about tourism and make sure the pie is more evenly distributed, but also take you to places where you would otherwise never end up: places where the experience is pure, untouched by the commercial tourism industry.

We often start by tracking down off-the-beaten track locations that have a lot going for them: beautiful nature, quaint villages or towns, interesting hiking trails or special wildlife. Of course, we find these places because we travel a lot, get to know people and chat a lot. When a place seems to be full of potential, it is time to set off. When Charlie arrives at the location, and it indeed lives up to its promises, it is time for tinkering: a new experience is born! Where can travellers stay when they visit this location? What kind of cool experiences can they enjoy? And then the obvious question: who will host or guide the travellers? This is the moment when special collaborations are started, friendships are made and business opportunities are created for the local communities. A large-scale project where Charlie goes on expeditions to develop routes and find partners is Africa Inside Out. Several countries in East and Southern Africa are turned inside out to find the most off the beaten track routes and most interesting partners!


With us, there is no such thing as a “standard tour package”. We can guarantee that you’re not going to be running to save yourself a lounger next to the resort’ pool. To ensure that you get the most out of your trip and that you get all the space you need, we piece each trip together as a unique tailor-made suit. Do you want raw adventure in the wild? A cultural experience with locals? Want to relax, sunbathe and finally read that book on idyllic coasts? Rare wildlife spotting in dense jungle or on the vast savanna? Driving yourself? Camping, homestays or lodges where you can relax in luxury? We can build your dream trip together with you and our local partners according to your wishes, travel group or age.
When you submit your enquiry, you will be directly connected to one of our travel consultants across the continent. We will then give you a call to discuss what your ideal trip to Africa looks like! Nothing is too crazy for us to put together, we want you to think of us as your distant friend who is going to put together a personalized trip for you. Your travel consultant will then take your ideas to the drawing board and create your dream trip, tweaking and fine-tuning it until your holiday is ready to be booked.

We take sustainability seriously
  • We’re human: we read the news, we see the ripple effect of global warming unfolding before our eyes and it’s not pretty. We see these effects more on the ground in Africa than ever before in Europe, for example. On the other hand, we are confronted by the impact of the tourism industry as well. Many commercial lodges are owned by foreigners, filled with tourists hopping from the said lodge to game parks and back again. With this being the “norm” of tourism in Africa, there is not a lot of benefits for the local communities, wildlife or climate. Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. At Charlie’s Travels, we have the opportunity to ensure that our travels have a sustainable and positive impact on the climate, local communities, economies and wildlife. We are on the ground in Africa and now more than ever want to take full advantage of our ability to make the world a little better! To achieve this, we have three main pillars that aim to have a positive impact on culture, climate, development of local communities and economies:

    – Reducing our ecological footprint utilizing carbon compensation. ->

    – Stimulating sustainable development of communities by establishing local partnerships.

    – Encourage ethical and respectful travel.

We are "on the ground" in Africa

By now you may be wondering, how do we do this all from Europe? The trick is, we don’t. There’s no typical office for us in the rainy Netherlands where we sit behind our laptops and book accommodations through middlemen. We work, live and breath Africa. From our offices in East and Southern Africa and our experience and knowledge about the destinations: we can travel, discover, develop, make friends and set up partnerships ourselves. The best part, the middle man does not exist! Wherever possible, we have direct and personal contact with our partners and try to visit regularly to keep in touch. We love maintaining our unique bond with our partners and to drink a cup of Chai (East African tea!). Also, we can closely ensure that our partnerships with local partners make the economic impact we strive for.

We create content to share travel experiences

We want to create a new, unique and diverse perspective of Africa. Not only for you but also for all of the Europeans who choose to skip Africa when thinking about their next dream holiday destination. By sharing these experiences we also have the opportunity to gradually dismantle the stereotypes of Africa in European living rooms. That’s why we not only encourage our travellers to share their expeditions, but we do it ourselves. We use our own travel experiences as a database for good content: just think of photos you’ve seen from our Instagram feed or the blogs you’ve read on our website as well as our mini-documentaries! Visit our magazineInstagram or YouTube channel to explore with us.



The team lives and works all over Africa and therefore has a lot of first-hand knowledge and experience.



Wherever Charlie and his team travel, they develop new routes and experiences together with local entrepreneurs.


We tailor each trip based on your wishes and our African knowledge. Everything is possible and nothing is too crazy! Give us a try?


Charlie’s Travels works together with local partners and contributes to CO2 projects to offset environmental pollution.


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