Meet our Charlie’s Angels

“It started as a one-man show, but that did not last long! There is a real travel organisation behind all of this. An army of Travel Consultants that help curate each trip, an Operations Team who book and organise the trips, Finance Angels who keep track (not off-the-beaten-track!) of all records, passionate storytellers who create stories about Africa and share them on our website and social media channels. And of course, all the supporting staff who keep the office hubs running! I could not do it without my Angels, who join forces to make your dream trip come true.”

– Charlie

Charlie’s Angels

“It started as a one-man show, but that did not last long! There is a real travel organisation behind all of this. I couldn’t do it without my Angels, who join forces to make your dream trip come true.”

– Charlie




Carin Coppens
Head of Sales Kenya

I am a big fan of adventures! There is no better place to experience a good adventure than in Africa, right? Sleeping in your tent in the Serengeti with a buffalo 1 metre away. Riding on motorbikes along dusty trails along lakes with flamingos, and enjoying good conversations with the Maasai, whilst roasting a goat over the campfire. I love to take you on these kinds of adventures!

Emiel Kusters
Travel consultant in Kenya

Partly attracted to the continent by its African reggae tunes. I love to chill in our jungle with my djembe or guitar. Afrika Muziki gives positive vibes and energy; the perfect ingredients for (organising) an adventurous journey!

Sanne Bouwman
Travel Consultant in Kenya

Kenya, the first time where I discovered tropical beaches in 2011, went on safari, climbed mountains (broken weather came down), and decided to explore the continent further (I lived in Malawi last year). I still have a soft spot for Dutch cheese, but you can carry me away any day with an African sunset.

Sjoerd Logcher
Lustrum trips consultant in Kenya

After many hours in the UB organising trips for my year club, committees, and home. This boy, fresh out of university life, fell in love with the continent of Africa! Now the University Library has been exchanged for the jungle villa and I am turning everything upside down here with my enthusiasm for sorority trips. GOTTA LOVE AFRICA!

Anna Vos
Head of Sales in Uganda

I'm going on a trip and I'm taking ... You! I want to show as many globetrotters the most beautiful nooks and crannies of Uganda: 'the Pearl of Africa'. My heart is in Africa, my home in bustling Kampala and I love a good challenge as much as a Nutella sandwich!

Heidi Oranje
Travel Consultant in Uganda

From bushy jungles and vast savannas to the organised chaos in the cities, I love Africa! I would like to organise with you the trip of a lifetime full of adventure, special places, and wild animals!

Suzan van der Beek
Travel Consultant in Uganda

An adventure is what I wanted and an adventure is what I got. Every day I enjoy the fresh Ethiopian coffee, the African sun, the lovely people and the special culture. I would like to take you on an adventure in special Ethiopia, and other East African countries!

Emke Prakken
Head of Sales in South Africa

Via Charlie's Travels, I send my inexhaustible love for the African Bush into the world. As a qualified Safari Game Ranger with ambition, I put Southern Africa on the map!

Storm Olivier
Travel Consultant in South Africa

"Adventure is calling and I must go!" This is my motto so why not make it yours? Drop me a message and I’ll take care of the rest. All you have to worry about is packing your bags and choosing which book(s) you’re going to read along the way.



Sebastien Vandelannoitte
Head of Operations

^ Figuring out how to deal with Dutch people like ^. I moved to this beautiful continent when I was 18. Since then, I love to show my second home to others. As the only Flemish at Charlie’s Travels, together with the Kenyan and Ugandan operations team, we do everything we can to make your trip run smoothly.

Ruth Tenshi
Senior Operations Specialist

I love reggae “Irie and Mellow” and the colour yellow (that’s the Kamba in me). I am a travel junkie and an enormous bookworm. Charlie’s Travels is a different kind of company with a different view on travel in Africa; Adventure! Here I can use the skills I have but also learn new things about myself when out of my comfort zone.

Erick Ojungo
Operations Specialist

As a member of the Operations Team, I'm working behind the scene to give clients the best African Experience off the beaten track!

Brenda Young
Operations Specialist

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware”. That quote defines me! I can say that I’m still a traveler on a long journey and I still can’t guess my next destination. I love diversity and learning from new experiences and Charlie’s is one of the kind!

Nelani Van Zyl
Operations Specialist in South Africa

“Stand up, stretch, take a walk, get on that plane ..." When I'm not planning epic trips for clients, you will find me outdoors, staying fit, and active or getting onto a plane myself. After working as a photographer for many years, I decided to take the jump, follow my heart and now I work in a super exciting environment where there's never a dull moment. “The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa; for he has so much to look forward to."



Rémon Bloemberg
Head of Marketing and Content

In 2012, I visited the African continent for the first time and it was love at first sight. After years of wandering in the Amsterdam urban jungle, it was time for a tropical workplace in Kenya.

Tinke Douma

In East Africa, I find the heat I've always longed for: in the Piri-Piri, under the swaying palm trees, in the steaming nightclubs but most of all, in our flaming content!

Maudy Hendriks

Discovering different cultures, getting lost in chaotic cities, or endlessly staring at the magical nature. My love for Africa continues to grow and I can share this with you in a creative way.

Martijn Assinck

The daily, gritty office life of the Netherlands was exchanged for Charlie's lush jungle garden. Behind the laptop between the palm trees and on the motorbike over the Savannah at the weekend. T.I.A. (This is Africa!)

Dominic Kremer
Graphic Designer

Love, at first sight, does exist. In October 2018, I first met the African continent and it was an immediate hit. I had to come back here. Less than 10 months later I was already back. Completely in my place, in a very beautiful jungle garden. Where I will show my graphic arts with a smile every day.

Marieke van Kuppeveld
Miss Magazine

With dust in my mouth, I travelled through Namibia in a 4x4, cruised through the mud in Botswana, surfed in South Africa, and danced with the Karamoja in the north of Uganda. Africa has captured my heart! Voted Miss Magazine of the website, I ensure that all juicy details from the African continent are brought to the Dutch soil.



Mona Patel
Head of Finance
I was born and raised in Kenya, but as the 44th tribe of Kenya, my Indian roots are very important to me. The mystery of Africa is impossible to capture in a photograph: the only way to unravel it is to come here, travel, experience, and feel it!
Gladys Kimani
Finance Angel
When I am not arranging the trips for the clients, I am arranging them for myself! I particularly love road trips, mountain climbing, and hiking. Charlie's Travels fulfills my passion as a travel enthusiast. Long live Charlie's Travels!


Sarah Vijzelman

In Kenya, I feel at home and I love the vibe, culture, nature, the climate, and the people. My passion is empowering and coaching others in their personal growth and development! I also love dancing and positive vibes!

Ruth Aponga

When I heard Charlie’s Travels was looking for a chef, I couldn’t stay away; here I am! It’s amazing to get in touch with different cultures and every day we learn a lot from each other. Of course, I sometimes have to be strict when one of the Angels sneakily picks an extra sausage. Too bad you can never beat the immodesty out of the Dutch, not even with a pan!


The secret to staying young is to get out of bed happy every morning! Now I work as a gardener at Charlie’s Travels and I’m happy to have made so many new friends. I want to keep working here for a long time, so I can save up and start my own company someday!

Charles Witlox

Whoops, a hobby that got out of hand!  I started to show my life here in Africa to friends and family and soon the rest of the world wanted to experience it as well. They also wanted to experience the real Africa! Our family with African enthusiasts is growing; Angels are spread over this colourful continent - THANKS to everyone for making us live the dream!

Housekeeper & Mother Figure

When I first came to work in the villa, it was mostly to take care of the house and Charlie. I became Mama Africa because the more angels came to the Villa, the more children I got to take care of. They are all my children. Thank God!


Even Angels need a guardian angel. I protect them from all bad things that might try to evade the compound. Try me; I am not afraid of anything!


Guy Janssens
General Manager

Some birds are not meant to be caged, that's all. With a background in Finance & Accounting, I realised that Africa had everything I missed in the Netherlands. Five years ago I never expected to live in Kenya, but I think I will stay on this beautiful, raw, and "crazy" continent.

Jungle Dog

I trudge around the office all day and then lie on my back very seductively so that I can get something in my stomach. People start talking baby gibberish to me while they have to work.

Jungle Cat

My day job consists of winning souls. Not everyone likes me yet, but soon they will all love me.

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