“You were thick as thieves at one point but adult life has your growing apart. You’re all running those businesses, busy with the kids, life happens and only Facebook randomly reminds you of their birthdays. Sure, there are occasional drinks and brunches but you need more! Charlie’s Travels is here to fix that. Get ready for an adventure! It’s time for the gang to reunite…In Africa!”

– Charlie


Off the beaten track friend trip through Africa

“Reunited and it feels so good! It’s time to explore Africa with your best friends. Read, set, go!”

– Charlie

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Traveling to Africa together! What is possible?

With us, anything is possible! Trust us, there is nothing better than a trip to East Africa with your friends. We’ve listed several top experiences for you to look at below. Keep in mind, these are great combined!

Motorcycle safari in the Magadi desert

Our classic. Our pride. And yet no motorcycle safari is ever the same. The animals, the road and even the weather! After an amazing day riding your motorbike, you’re in for a little more of a cultural experience. When you get back to your base, you’ll enjoy roasting a goat on the fire with your new Maasai friends. Or maybe you’ll end up slaughtering a few chickens – who knows! All we can tell you is that once you’re sitting next to that fire, under a warm blanket you’ll feel completely at ease with the mighty Massai keeping an eye out on the horizons!

Dashing over the desert with your kite buggy!

Are you tired of snowboarding during your holidays? The same old activity you have more than likely been doing all your life. It’s time for a new adventure on a completely different continent! What are we talking about? Kite surfing in a buggy in the  North Kenyan desert of Turkana of course!  The best part? You can do this throughout the day. Surf in the early cool morning, the scorching day or warm evenings under a full moon.  

Fun Fact: This is the oldest desert in the world and the original home of the Homo Sapiens, aka the Modern Man. So not only will you kitesurf, but you will also get the chance to visit these prehistoric sites and enjoy the native culture of the land.

Ethiopia: experiencing culture in the Abyssinian empire

Is ancient history, gorgeous nature and finger-licking good food your thing? Then, trust us, Ethiopia has it all! Here you will find the oldest, most impressive churches in Africa – some even from the 5th century. You will also find Lalibela, a fairytale, ancient sacred complex excavated in the ground. Additionally, you will also be met with plenty of lakes and endless nature! Bonus: You can also club well in Addis! Time to get acquainted with this proud, beautiful people.

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All hands on deck: from Mombasa to Malindi

Beautiful Mombasa, a fusion of white sandy beaches, clear blue ocean, languages and cultures from all sides of the Indian Ocean, waits like an exotic dessert for travellers who make it to Kenya’s coastline. While at it, why not board a unique dhow boat that will take you to Malindi in a week? Along the way, you will visit festive Diani and culinary Watamu – although there is also a chef in the galley 24/7. Additionally, you can anchor here and there to dive. Bonus point for amusement: your goggles make your high school BFF look exactly like they did thirty years ago. And you too …

Golf and safari in one

Chances are that these two opposites overlap. Yes, you read this correctly; safari between the holes! Here in Kenya and Tanzania, there is a good chance that the impalas will occasionally interrupt your game. Or you have monkeys as spectators! Of course, there are courses near Nairobi, but you can also dream bigger than that! Does playing in beach paradise Zanzibar sound exciting? What about at the foot of Kilimanjaro? We can help you do it all!

Beach vibes & clubbing: Lake Vic vs Kampala

It’s time for something a little different now! Are you looking for an oasis of beaches and partying? Then the tropical beaches of Lake Victoria are an absolute must-see for you and your friends. There are parties on the beaches of Entebbe or three-day hippie parties on deserted islands. Don’t dismiss Kampala either! There are plenty of amazing clubs to visit there too! We’ve got something for everyone!

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