This thick, misty jungle is something out of a scene of the Jungle Book. The mountains, overgrown with thick, dark forest, are home to nearly half of the critically endangered mountain gorillas.


Would you also like to discover this mysterious jungle and everything that is hidden here? No problem! You can experience real trekking through the jungle while searching for the mountain gorillas. Keep in mind, Uganda has multiple jungles where our furry ancestors hide. For example, in Kibale Forest or Kalinzu Forest you can for example search for the chimpanzee.


Thick, green, moist jungle vegetation, so dense that you can barely make your way through it. This is exactly the reason it is called Bwindi “Impenetrable” Forest. The rainforest mainly lies in Uganda, it spreads a bit over the border with Congo and is situated right next to the famous Virunga National Park in Congo. These mysterious forests, which cover mountains and volcanoes, are also home to rare mountain gorillas. The mountain gorillas are the most endangered primate species in the world: in the 1970s the estimated number was only 600 (yes, in the whole world!) Because they have acquired protected status, the group has now expanded to a number of 800. About 400 live in Bwindi ‘Impenetrable’ Forest, and the other 400 around Virunga’s volcanoes in Congo, Rwanda and Mgahinga National Park in the southernmost tip of Uganda.

A gorilla trek is a magical, unforgettable experience. From a lodge near the park you wake up early to withdraw into the misty forest. The hike is straight through the jungle (think: machetes, lianas, Tarzan and Jane), accompanied by a tough ranger who tracks down the mountain gorillas. Sometimes you find them right, sometimes you have to hike for about five hours before you find them. And there you are: face to face with these majestic great apes. You can admire them for an hour as they casually do their thing, just meters away. This tour may not be a budget option, but the experience is one to remember!

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About the Chimpanzees

For those who can’t get enough of the great apes, they can also look for chimpanzees. North of Bwindi, at Queen Elizabeth National Park and Fort Portal you will find two other steaming forests: Kalinzu Forest and Kibale Forest. The forests are smaller than Bwindi, but no less beautiful! The trek is considerably cheaper and the hike takes less time. But the result – studying our family members in their natural habitat for an hour – is unbeatable!

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