• Diego Suarez

    On the Antsiranana Bay is the charming old port city of Diego Suarez, also known as Antsiranana. Experience the historic charm as you explore the old colonial buildings, cosy terraces, marketplace and large natural harbour.


Also known as the ‘Havana’ of Madagascar, this historic port city goes by two names; Diego Suarez and Antsiranana. Let your taste buds explore the city’s abundance of mangoes, lychees, seafood and rum while you take in the breathtaking view of the bays that surround the city. There are multiple activities to keep you busy all day like attending craft workshops or visiting the old market and in the evenings, enjoy a drink at a local terrace bar as you take in the sights of this coastal city.

A piece of history

The city derives its name from two Portuguese men, Diego and Suarez, an explorer and a sailor, who found themselves on this untouched Bay in the 16th century.

Historically, the city has been an important base of operations for both the French and British colonial powers. The port is one of the deepest ones in the Indian Ocean, making it a strategic military location where the French Navy has had an obvious influence on the city’s architecture. The port is surrounded by hills, one of which is said to resemble the Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro.

Unforgettable day trips

The city is not just full of unique charm, but several activities to keep you busy. Only 20 kilometres away is the most popular beach in Diego Suarez, Ramena Beach. Take part in an all-day excursion to different uninhabited beaches and snorkelling sites or enjoy a hike in the green and tropical ‘French Mountains’.

madagascar diego suarez street
madagascar diego suarez street
sakalava bay madagascar kitesurf
tsingy rouge national park madagascar

Sakalava Bay

Sakalava Bay is another gem that you shouldn’t miss. Located at the northern tip of the island, it is the ultimate location to enjoy kitesurfing and windsurfing to your heart’s content. Enjoy long walks along the soft sandy beaches, swim and splash in the ocean and enjoy the incredible view of the bay as you relax in the sun.

Amber Mountain National Park

Southwest of Diego Suarez you arrive at the Amber Mountain National Park. It is home to 75 species of birds, chameleons, lizards, lemurs and a few other creatures that are found only in Madagascar. The park has a unique microclimate, as you venture further from Diego Suarez the dry, hot climate transitions into a cool and tropical rainforest. A walk in the park will take you past volcanic lakes, towering waterfalls and giant ferns. Keep a look-out for the colonies of lemurs peeking out from behind the trees!

Tsingy Rouge Park

Another breathtakingly beautiful spot only 2 hours drive from the city, the Tsingy Rouge Park is home to the red tsingy. Simply put though, the Tsingy Rouge is a stone formation of red laterite formed by the erosion of the Irodo River. You can also venture further to the northern tip of the country and visit the Windsor castle the Courier Bay. You will also come across dozens of species of baobab trees that have special spiritual meaning for the local population. You will learn of the unique beliefs and myths surrounding this ‘National Tree’ as you explore the unique landscape.

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