• Homestays Lalibela mountain range

    During a multi-day hike in these unique mountains, you can experience real Ethiopian family life with an overnight stay in a homestay. With views from 3000 meters above the backyard (literally a beautiful mountain range), you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable adventure.

The mountains of Lalibela

We’ll tell you a little secret! Something not too many Ethiopia travellers know is that Lalibela has much more to offer than the historical sites. That doesn’t mean you should miss the impressive rock-hewn churches, but Charlie’s advice: add a few more days on your travel-schedule to discover Lalibela’s hugely beautiful mountain range. This area is located right in the hinterland of Lalibela, and 99% of the people who travel to Lalibela for the rock churches overlook this – not so much hidden – pearl. In Lalibela, you can make the most beautiful hikes (no, really, we are not exaggerating), the starting point of which starts at 3000 meters! But the exciting walks and gigantic beautiful views are not the only special things about this mountain … When the night falls you have to sleep somewhere, of course, and in Lalibela, you do that in a local homestay. It doesn’t get more authentic than this! The whole experience from start to finish is a great activity for your lungs because you get so close to the clouds that you regularly have to gasp for oxygen like a fish on dry land. Because this area is less known than the popular parks such as Simien Mountains, you might not encounter any travellers on the route. Do you want to be off the beaten track? In Lalibela Mountains, you step back hundreds of years and find a special place that you will not find anywhere else.

Yemerehana Christos

The hikes can be as long as you like: or what your fitness can handle (perhaps more often to the gym while you can?) Several hours? A few days? Or a full week away from civilization into the mountains? You sure can, you’re an adventurer! If you only have 2 or 3 weeks to explore Ethiopia, we recommend a two-day hike that takes you to the famous Yemerehana Christos. This is one of the best-preserved Axumite churches in the region and was an important pilgrimage site. Many people who felt they had reached the end of their path of life took one last walk to this church. Over the centuries, so many pilgrims have come to die here for that reason one can now find a thick pile of remains at the back of the cave. Lurid? Yes. Creepy? Yes. But also very beautiful and serene. Very dedicated monks and hermits still live here today. Built under a rock, the church is so old and aged that this sacred building dates back almost 1 century to all of Lalibela’s other famous rock churches!

From Lalibela to Monetry
Yemrehanna Kristos
Bet Giyorgis

The homestays

Sleeping at local families in their mountain cottages is what makes this experience truly authentic and off the beaten track. It all sounds extremely cosy and pleasant, but it doesn’t come without a small challenge. Not only can it difficult to communicate with the hosts, but the differences in culture are as great as day and night. During your visit to these homestays, you seem to have stepped into a time machine to end up in the Middle Ages. So don’t expect luxury like a hot shower – or a shower at all – or a breakfast buffet with instant coffee. At these homestays, you will have a true African experience but wow, we can guarantee you will love every minute of it! 


Is this just a little too adventurous? Hakuna Matata, you can also spend the night in one of the eco-lodges in the area. These are also run by locals, but with a private room, shared bathroom, no clucking chickens that might be poking your head, and an amazing view of the mountains when you rub the sleep out of your eyes in the morning. When you arrive after your walk you will receive a lovely warm foot bath including foot massage (this is common in the culture), after which you will be pampered with a homemade dinner and cosy stories around a crackling campfire. Because remember: it is freezing in the mountains at night. In the jokes and words that are exchanged, the mutual admiration for the enormous cultural differences shatters instantly. Our Head of Sales Anna, after several glasses of Ethiopian wine, roared the national anthem for the people who ran the lodge. You will never forget something like that!

Pure Ethiopia

But you will not only meet special people during your stay in the homestays or the eco-lodge. During your hike, you constantly bump into friendly locals. The children secretly run – at least they think so – along with you and the shepherds will curiously study you from behind your herd of cattle. When a festive event takes place, such as a coffee ceremony, a slaughter of an animal or another family gathering, you can count on clapping, singing or dancing among the villagers. You cannot easily get out of a friendly invitation: something you should not want, of course, because this is how you experience pure Ethiopia. the Ethiopia that you will soon try to describe nostalgically at home at the kitchen table over a plate of takeaway food from the Ethiopian around the corner.

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