• Tropical beaches of Pangani

    The pure and untouched beaches of Pangani; you definitely want to stroll over them and sink your toes into the sand! Many cultures have gathered in this cosy coastal town, making it an exciting and diverse destination. There is plenty to do: diving, snorkelling, a boat trip: nothing is too crazy!

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Family friendly
Off the beaten track
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Beach Vibes, Swim, Diving and Snorkeling, Urban, History

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More about this highlight

Family friendly
Off the beaten track
Eco friendly

Cultural Pangani

Pangani is about 55 km south of Tanga and north of the vast port city of Dar es Salaam. In the 18th century, Pangani was as a starting point for various European missions and inland exploration trips as well as an export point for slaves and ivory. The city was surrounded by plantations where the enslaved local people ‘worked’. The Swahili culture is present along the entire East African coast, it can be felt here on every street corner.

Let a guide walk you through the rich history of this place. Enjoy!!

Vast beaches

If you feel like enjoying the beach, the sun and the sea, this is the right place to be. Pangani and Zanzibar are a stone’s throw from each other, but in Pangani, you don’t have a large number of tourist. Pangani has quiet beaches with palm trees where you can relax, mangrove forests that you can paddle through or kayak, and sandbars that you can visit with a traditional dhow. The sandbanks together form an atoll; an annular series of islands based on coral resulting in a beautiful, snorkelling paradise!

By boat towards Zanzibar

You can combine a visit to Pangani quite well with a trip to Zanzibar. Take a scenic boat ride straight to tropical Zanzibar or spend a bit more time floating in the Indian Ocean and go deep-sea fishing with one of our local partners. The waters surrounding Pangani, Pemba Island, Zanzibar and Mafia Island are full of impressive fish – from marlins and tuna to swordfish and razor-sharp barracudas! Such an adventurous activity!

Pangani town children
kayaking at pangani
snorkel charles pangani

I am ready for an adventure! What’s next? Send a request, call with one of our Charlie’s Angels, get your proposal and then Safari Njema!

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