• Park Anja

    The island is home to many different types of lemurs, including the famous Ring-tailed Lemur. Get up close and personal with these semi-tame critters at the Anja Community Reserve along the famous Route Nationale 7 heading South. Think about it – can you really say that you’ve visited Madagascar without visiting some lemurs?

Park Anja

The Anja Community Reserve, also called Reserve d’Anja in French, is located 3 hours away from Ranomafana. The relatively small park is situated at the foot of a large cliff and is made up of a freshwater lake and a forest area. The reserve is run by the local community, preserving the flora and fauna but also generating revenue for the community to use for education and health-related projects. Visitors to the Anja community reserve can see their contributions directly benefiting the local community.

Chill with the ring-tailed lemurs

The highest concentration of ring-tailed lemurs can be found at Park Anja. The origins of the eccentric yet cowardly King Julien from the Madagascar movies can be found here. In addition to the lemurs, Park Anja is also home to numerous birds, snake species, chameleons and a few other animals. Along with a local tour guide, visit the park and enjoy either a two-hour or six-hour hike route. How many lemurs can you spot relaxing on the fallen boulders as you explore the caves and visit the different viewpoints?

RN7 route

Conveniently located along the famous RN7 route, Park Anja is an ideal stop on your road trip! An idea could be to visit Isalo as your next stop, where you can enjoy panoramic views and hike through the canyons.

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