• Queen Elizabeth National Park

    Ever heard of tree climbing lions? Mind-blowing right? There are only two populations of these Jungle Kings in the world! The best place to find them is at the famous Queen Elizabeth National Park, which carefully surrounds Lake Edward and Lake George, like a mother bird guarding her precious eggs! Can you hear it? That is the sound of adventure calling out to you!


If you like a little rush of adrenaline, then there’s more for you. The Kazinga channel that connects Lake George to Lake Edward offers you the opportunity for a crazy and exciting float on a boat; from one lake to another (more like a natural water slide).

Driving around Ishisha, the Northside of the park, you will spot various lions lazily resting on tree branches, tails slowly waving from side to side to probably escaping the sweltering heat of the Savannah or is it to avoid the irritant bites of insects? Better find out for yourself.  This differentiates them from the other lions in Africa that adore the firm feel and the smell of the Savannah grounds. Even more interesting is the fact that these ‘tree-climbing’ lions, whose males boast a thick black mane, refuse to occupy any other part of the world, apart from Ishisha and Southern Tanzania.


The beautiful bush lodges and camps in Queen Elizabeth are the best places to take that longed-for rest after an adventure-filled day. A quiet day with nothing but bubbling rivers and fat hippos showing off their hilarious diving skills, in full view. Slowly sip your wine for the show has only begun.  If you prefer to experience the wild first hand, you can always switch your roof for a tent in the bush (with the security of course). Not wild enough? Then a crazy boat safari on the Kazinga channel is the best fit for you!  The ride gets wilder as raging water splashes in your face with a gigantic population of thousands of hippos in full view. Nearby, you will witness a bask of crocodiles lazily working their tan in the sun occasionally getting distracted by an occasional naughty splash from bathing elephant families. Above, collections of colourful birds and imposing eagles soaring through the sky without a care in the world. How much wider could it get?

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