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    Zanzibar: the tropical paradise of Africa. We are happy to take you to the real pearls on the island and help you find a spot that suits your needs. Don’t forget to take in the cultural aspect of a night in Stone Town. You will learn more about the island’s dark past in slavery and stroll through the colourful markets where you can find the best souvenirs.


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Family friendly
Off the beaten track
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More about this highlight

Family friendly
Off the beaten track
Eco friendly

Travel to tropical Zanzibar

When I say Zanzibar, you say, tropical island. You will find palm trees, bountiful beaches and a bright blue sea! Zanzibar is not only tropical but also very touristy. Most of these tourists will be found in Nungwi and on Kendwa beach in the north of the island. Here the beaches are pure white and the sea brighter than bright blue.
Do you want a quieter beach with an almost-as-blue sea to relax all day? Then go to coastal towns like Paje and Jambiani. Are you still not quite sure? You can read everything about the different beaches on Zanzibar in our blog. We know what to do!
Discover the island from a beautiful local boat (dhow), enjoy the most beautiful sunset from Michamvi or go on a journey of discovery in Stone Town. Zanzibar is more than just getting rid of slumped cocktails.

Cultural Stone Town

Stone Town is the old part of Zanzibar City and well worth a visit! The architecture has been influenced by the island’s Swahili and Arabian history. Just look at all the decorated doors, every door is worth a photo.

In Stone Town, there are colourful markets to explore, but you can also learn more about the island’s dark past in slavery. The old slave market in Zanzibar is one of the last abolished slave markets in the world. Be open to the impressive culture, the loving people and the tropical nature; find some tips in our blog about Stone Town!

All this makes Zanzibar more than a tropical paradise. You can explore here, laze on the endless white beaches, swim in a crystal clear ocean, or take in the cultural aspects by visiting Stone Town. The food here is also tasty and very cheap.

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We take you through the streets of Stone Town:

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