To Wonderful Africa With The Family

Round up your crazy uncle, your sweet grandma and your favourite cousin. Pack your bags and... discover together the wonderful world of Africa: a world where rainbows duplicate themselves over the Victoria Falls, humans and animals live together in pristine nature, immense pyramids with treasures can be found and rousing drums take you to higher realms. Whether you have a baby or are all part of the older guard, you will experience a family trip you will think back on with nostalgia every year!

A family bond is something special. This becomes more and more evident with age. However, the older we get, the more independent we become from each other, and shared experiences turn into beautiful but sometimes distant memories. So, take a moment and reflect on a pleasant experience with your family. Where was this memory created? What were you all doing? And, very importantly, how long ago was this? If you find yourself taking a while to answer this last question, it’s high time to create a new memory. Our advice? Pack your bags and embark on a family trip!

Family: your biggest fans!

Just admit it… your family can sometimes drive you up the wall, and you’ve probably wondered what you owe this diverse, slightly dysfunctional bunch of people. But oh, how much you adore that hodgepodge of a group. You’ve most likely lived under the same roof with them for a significant part of your life, and they’ve seen you at your best and worst. They accept you in every way and are there when you need them the most. It’s probably not always easy to acknowledge, but secretly, you couldn’t imagine life without them. They are the most reliable and devoted fan club a person could wish for: They support you in every life decision you make and lift you up when you stumble. It’s precisely your family who would do anything for you to see you happy, those who love you… always and in every way.

“It’s probably not always easy to admit, but secretly, you couldn’t imagine life without them…”

Why go on a family trip?

Whether you stayed close to your kinsmen or ventured outside familiar comfort zones; a family trip is ALWAYS a good idea. We have gathered 3 reasons for you.

#1 Not only is it enriching for all of you, you also break the fixed routine.
At home, you often find yourselves stuck in a family routine that dictates the work patterns of each family member and governs a significant portion of the conversations. We go to work or school, cook, clean, shop, and go to sleep… only to repeat this cycle the next day. Going on vacation is an ideal way to break the monotony.

#2 It strengthens your mutual bond.
During a family trip, you give yourself and your family the gift of “time.” Far away from the hustle and bustle of home life, each individual is seen in a completely different light, allowing you to get to know your blood relatives in a new way. In this sense, a family trip can be compared to a retreat: it gives you the opportunity to focus entirely on each other and engage in engaging conversations, leading to improved interaction and communication. It’s the perfect way to create new, enjoyable memories and rediscover one another.

#3 It boosts your mental and physical health.
Research indicates that our “relationship health” has a tremendous impact on our physical well-being. Delightful family memories tend to linger longer than negative ones and surface when times get tough. They also help you put situations into perspective and release bitterness more easily. Let that positive energy flow!

Remember! By exchanging your familiar spot for a piece of the unknown world, you broaden your horizons – literally and figuratively.

Family trip to Africa: everything is worth it

While the continents of Africa and Europe may be geographically close, they are still quite a distance apart. Africa isn’t just around the corner, and a plane trip will take between 8 and 11 hours, depending on your destination. Compared to, for example, a journey to Australia (14,092.82 km, i.e., 16 hours), this is quite manageable. And because you’re on a long flight, the airline service will be top-notch: you’ll be served delicious meals and your choice of beverages, play games, or watch a movie. Before you know it, the time will pass, and the plane will be ready for landing. Welcome to Africa!

In practice, distance shouldn’t be a significant problem, although your African adventure might not be a budget trip. Traveling to another continent and experiencing “bucket-list-worthy” adventures comes with a price tag. However, don’t be discouraged by this, as price and quality go hand in hand. The African family trip will undoubtedly be somewhat more expensive than your annual trip to Europe, but it also has so much more to offer. A family retreat in Africa is not just a typical tourist excursion. It’s a fun learning experience where you get to know yourself, your family, and the world around you better. In other words, it’s an experience from which you will derive priceless memories!

Create your dream family trip

Families come in all shapes, sizes and colours. A family may consist of its original core, but may equally be a mix of several families; may contain numerous children as well as be minimal in size; may identify with the young generation but may equally be counted among the middle/older generation. Regardless of what characteristics your family meets,, it is undoubtedly a unique bunch. And a unique bunch calls for a unique trip.

The travel agency Charlie’s Travels would love to help you with this. Charlie’s angels have been scattered in numerous African countries for several years and have had their family members come over several times. So if anyone can assist you in creating a great adventure for the whole family, it’s them. In doing so, setting up a family trip is done in collaboration with you, the client, making your family trip a co-creation tailor-made for your special family. After all, who knows your family better than, well, yourself?

Destinations by family composition

To help you get you started in planning your Africa adventure, we list below some destinations that have been deemed ‘family-proof’ by our angels. Even though these destinations are generally suitable for families of all ages, their unique infrastructure, highlights and accommodations lend themselves extremely well to one specific family composition.

#1 Family trip with baby/toddler

If you are brand-new parents looking to explore the wonderful world of Africa, destinations such as South Africa and Namibia are the place-to-be. Both countries are largely malaria-free, roads are in perfect condition and signposting is not lacking. If your little one needs a diaper change or gets a bit fussy, you can park the car on the side without worry. Moreover, in South Africa, you and your family can communicate in your own language, because in addition to English, people speak Afrikaans – a local language that is about 90-95% similar to Dutch in vocabulary.

These destinations are not only ideal for parents with babies and toddlers but also for families with young children. Kids can splash around in the pool, run in the great outdoors, and participate in numerous organized activities. This way, they can burn off their energy, and you can enjoy some quality time with your partner amidst the peace and tranquility of the surroundings.

#2 Family trip with children aged 4 to 12 years

If you’re taking your little ones on an adventure to the African continent, Kenya and Uganda are ideal destinations. Unlike South Africa and Namibia, travel distances in these countries are relatively short. Kenya, in particular, offers the perfect combination of bush and beach, with a train that runs directly from the capital, Nairobi, to the coast. On the other hand, Uganda is characterized by numerous beautiful lakes and wildlife, with one of the highlights being the mountain gorillas. Your kids will certainly be captivated by the sights and experiences in these countries.

#3 Family trip with adolescents

Want to do family bonding in Africa with your teenagers? Then go on a unique, exhilarating and challenging adventure in Tanzania. Tanzania offers a range of unique experiences, accommodations, and natural landscapes that will leave the whole family in awe. The country is rightfully a close second (after Kenya) if you’re looking for “the Africa you’ve seen in the photos.”

#4 Family trip with adults

If you’re planning a family trip with adults, the options are vast. Which country do you want to visit? What activities do you want to do? What type of accommodation appeals to you? Check out our country pages, fun highlights, and some of our top accommodations here, and let us know what’s on your mind. “The sky is the limit!”

“Get ready for a fun learning process in which you get to know yourself, your family and the world around you better.”


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