Hiking In Kenya: From Mount Kenya To The Tribal Trek

Don’t feel like bumping on the red dirt roads – with holes – in a 4×4 for hours, but would you rather walk, walk or run yourself? We have listed several breathtaking hikes hikes for you. From the total off-the-beaten tribal trek accompanied by a Masai guide to the challenging Mount Kenya and everything in between. So tell your other half to get ready for a hike or drag your friends to the top, where a cold snack is waiting for you. Hiking in Kenya: an endless view, satisfaction and an amazing memory as a reward. The life!

Maasai tribal trek

To get straight to the point, this is the hike of all hikes and my personal favorite! It’s not about the dancing Masai who are there purely for tourists, but about the real deal, and that’s what we’re talking about here.

You enter the Loita Hills together with a guide armed with a spear. Hiking through the dense, rainforest-like Sacred Forest full of rivers and waterfalls. Donkeys following you, pure nature all around, and 4 days of the real Kenya. Put on your sturdy hiking shoes, we will arrange the tents, food and everything else. I promise you, this is the adventure you will talk about for years to come!

Karura forest

When you are in Nairobi with the whole family and you have already had the adventure on the boda boda, you will leave for the Karura Forest. This small piece of rainforest is located right in the middle of the city and gives a brief insight into what Nairobi once was before all those people came to live there.

This is it for nature lovers and a true bird paradise and you can walk around for hours on one of the many hiking trails. Descend steeply at some stretches all the way to the river and from there continue to the glorious caves where the Mau Mau freedom fighters hid. A fierce and poignant story lies behind the Mau Mau’s, often unknown to Western travelers. A trek with a piece of history.

Tribal Trek-Masai

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Donkeys that follow you, pure nature around you and four days of the real Kenya: that is our Maasai tribal trek.

Mt. Longonot

Another hike that is fairly close to the capital, but man, what a fascinating place this is. This inactive volcano has the best views of Rift Valley and Lake Naivasha. Also think of deep lava canyons and steep walls. A caldera that is special because of the thick jungle that lies in it and the wildlife that lives here. From buffalo, moose, lions and leopards to the more “ordinary” zebras, giraffes and gazelles.

With a day trip to the least visited conservation park you hike up and back down in about 4 hours and you have tapped the top at 2276 meters. If you also want to walk around the caldera, add two more hours to your walk.

Longonot hiken

Mt. Elgon

The raw nature, hot springs, and two deep gorges called Suam and Simu; that’s why you travel all the way to the Kenyan border with Uganda. This unknown gem is often forgotten next to the famous Mt. Kenya, but hey, you must see this second highest place in Kenya too!

This volcanic mountain looms out of nowhere with its striking five peaks. Mt. Estimated as the oldest inactive volcano in all of East Africa, Elgon has already celebrated its 24 millionth anniversary.

The hiking possibilities are endless: from short hikes of a day or overnight to multi-day hikes or a hike to the peak. Go for the full experience by sleeping a night above the tree line where the view is spectacular. Gaze out over Kitale’s little lights as you wrap yourself in an extra blanket.


Mt. Kenya

This is the real hike work and should of course not be missing from the list. This peak is the second highest mountain in Africa and the highest mountain in Kenya. Five days of hiking through the forest, through the bamboo zone and towards the top where the vegetation has disappeared and the view is more than amazing.

Keep in mind that there are elephants walking around here, grazing buffaloes and colobus monkeys following you from the trees. But all of this is only up to a certain altitude. After a tough climb, there is practically… nothing. When you have passed the rocks you step into an environment of snow and ice. In total there are seven different routes that go up the mountain, so there is something for everyone.



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