Nairobi’s Street Tour

One of the most special activities you can do in Nairobi is the Nairobi street tour through CBD. Three former street kids: Kissmart, Donga and Cheddaz, from Mathare (one of the largest slums in Nairobi) will take you on the road. Since childhood, they took to the streets in downtown Nairobi to hustle. Now they take you through the streets of CBD and tell you their story and their experiences of living on the street.

The story

The story is quite remarkable. Kissmart, Donga, and Cheddaz all grew up in Mathare, the second-largest slum in Kenya with a population of over 500,000 people. They got to know each other on the streets of Nairobi: “When we were growing up, we knew each other vaguely, certainly not as good friends. In the slums, everyone grows up in different gangs, but you are all connected.” They survived by stealing, smuggling, and dealing. However, with a shared passion for music and dance, they came into contact with Nairobi’s music school. There, they had the opportunity to learn about various instruments and music production. Through the school, they received a scholarship for the music academy, where they learned to make music and develop their creativity. At the music academy, the boys met social entrepreneurs Gianmarco (from Switzerland) and Sriram (from India), who saw potential in these boys. This meeting ultimately led to the start of the street tours. As Kissmart explained, “Creativity and luck certainly helped as a way to escape from my previous life.”

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Nairobi Street Tour

Despite growing up in an underprivileged environment, these young men have developed remarkable skills. With their knowledge, unique stories, and an insider’s perspective, they can provide you with an authentic Nairobi experience. This inspiring Nairobi street tour lasts for about three hours. You will be captivated by their compelling life stories and exceptional street skills. Through this street tour, disadvantaged youth from slums have the opportunity to earn a steady income and serve as role models for other young people.


The docu

The short documentary film shows how Yuri went on a journey with these men. Filmed through the eyes of Kissmart, Donga, and Cheddaz, we get a glimpse into their lives, past, and present. Remarkable and intense stories about crimes, drugs, and street life slowly transform into their strength and opportunity. The three men have formed a new family marked by positivity, music, and love. With this, Kissmart, Donga, and Cheddaz can not only lead better lives but can also inspire other disadvantaged youth to lead better lives through their own business. As the men themselves say, “When you see someone do it, it means you can also do it.”


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