Charlie's Off-Beat Adventure

Experience a unique blend of adventure, adrenaline, and positive change on our remarkable group journey. Our expedition begins with an eco-friendly initiative, delivering cooking stoves to families, enabling cleaner cooking practices. This leads to an exhilarating sequence of activities, including safaris, motor adventures, hikes, and wild camping. With a touch of luxury and an intimate group size of up to six people, this experience offers an unparalleled balance between budget and comfort. Ready to embrace the challenge? Join us on this unforgettable adventure.

About this trip:

  • 14 days – 7 locations

  • €2490 per person, excluding flight tickets

  • Kenya

  • Full Board = all meals included

Departure dates:

  • March 1, 2024

  • June 13, 2024

  • September 26, 2024
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Off-Beat Adventure itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Nairobi

Welcome to Kenya! Your long-awaited African adventure is finally beginning. Today, you will be flying, likely with a mix of excitement and nervousness, to the African continent. Get ready for an abundance of wildlife, untouched nature, stunning beaches, and unforgettable encounters. The journey starts in the thriving and vibrant city of Nairobi. You’ll need to discover its hidden gems, but Nairobi is booming! Trendy eateries, cozy bars, nightly celebrations, shopping malls, and more. It’s a great city to acclimate before your journey truly begins.


Khweza Hotel


Day 2: Explore Nairobi

Nairobi has many faces: from tree-lined avenues with gigantic villas to the slums, the colorful chaos, noise, and a touch of history. Stroll through the dusty streets of downtown Nairobi with former street kids Kissmart, Donga, and Cheddaz. These three “street kids” grew up in Mathare, one of Nairobi’s largest slums. They used to hang out in the Central Business District (CBD) to beg, steal, smuggle, and deal. Now, they share their street skills with you during a tour of CBD! Thanks to this tour, the boys can create a better life for themselves, their families, and the new generation of street children from their slum. After the Nai Nami Tour, you’ll return to the accommodation for a refresh before enjoying a communal dinner in the city.

Breakfast + Dinner

Khweza Hotel

Nairobi Citytour

Matatu Party

Day 3: Magadi

Your adventure is about to begin. Once you’ve arrived in Magadi, you’ll start with a picnic lunch overlooking Lake Magadi. After that, you’ll be picked up by the motorcycles for a ride to Nguruman and Kalema. Towards the end of the afternoon, you’ll reach the campsite where you’ll set up camp and the guides will brief you about the upcoming days. Pay close attention during the training as you’ll be staying in a wildlife reserve. After the practical part is done, it’s time for some sunset drinks, and you’ll end the evening with a campfire dinner. Enjoy your first night at this adventurous campsite.

Full Board


Motor experience

Vakantie Kenia

Day 4: Magadi

This morning, you’ll need to rise early – it’s time for kayaking! The alarm will go off at six o’clock, and a delicious breakfast will be waiting for you. Afterward, pack up your belongings and get ready for the activity. After approximately 3 hours of kayaking, you’ll make a stop for lunch on the riverbank. At any moment, you might come into contact with wildlife. Don’t worry, you’ll be accompanied by experienced guides. After this break, you’ll continue on your journey to reach the next campsite before dark. During sunset, you’ll assist in bringing in the livestock. The evening can begin…

Full Board


Kayak Experience


Day 5: Magadi

Still feeling sore from yesterday? Today, you only need to kayak a very short distance. You’ll start the day with a nature reserve walk, guided by experienced guides. Afterward, have breakfast and then get back into the kayaks. In the afternoon, you’ll reach the final campsite, marking the end of your Magadi adventure! In the evening, you’ll have a guided game drive in a 4×4 vehicle, including sunset drinks. You’ll conclude your time in Magadi in style. After dinner, you’ll retreat to your tents for an evening in one of the most remote areas of Kenya.

Full Board


Walking Safari - Kayaking - Sunset Ride


Day 6: Magadi - Ngong

The final day in Magadi has arrived… But today, you’ll start your morning with another walk to stretch your legs. After that, you’ll join one of Kenya’s leading experts to count and observe the baboons in the area. Surprisingly, baboons can learn to recognize other friendly individuals as long as they are accompanied by the familiar person (the guide) and wear a “passport”: a distinct recognizable item of clothing, in our case, a baseball cap! This way, visitors to the center can closely watch as the baboons continue with their daily activities.

Full board

Ol Talet

Baboon Tracking

Day 7: Ngong - Amboseli

In the morning, you’ll drive to the Kilimanjaro and Amboseli National Park, located near the Tanzania border. It’s a relatively long drive of about 5 hours. It’s nice to make a stop for a local lunch along the way, somewhere in Salama or Sultan Hamud. An interesting challenge during the drive could be to find a charming little spot by the roadside! You’ll arrive in the latter part of the afternoon.

Breakfast + Dinner

Kili Springs

Optional: Motorcycle Safari


Day 8: Amboseli Safari

At the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro and close to the border of Tanzania, you’ll find Amboseli National Park. This park is quite different from the other parks in Kenya. It’s relatively small and centralized, which leads to a greater mix of animals living side by side. Elephants might be taking a dust bath behind a hippo, and zebras can be seen mingling with wildebeests. On clear days, the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro serves as a backdrop, creating a photogenic setting and a captivating sight.

Full Board

Kili Springs

Guided Game Drive


Day 9: Taita Overnight Hike

From Amboseli, you’ll head towards the beautiful Taita Hills. Taita Hills is not only lush and fertile, but it’s also a completely different area from what you’ve seen during this trip. You’re about to discover the lesser-known Taita Hills – off the beaten track, away from tourists, with incredibly friendly local people, and a unique landscape. Over a hundred million years ago, these hills were formed and covered with vast rainforests. You’ll embark on a hiking journey up the mountain where you’ll set up camp for the night.

Breakfast + Dinner


Hiking Mt. Vuria

Day 10: Authentic Mombasa

There you go, after all those off-the-beaten-track adventures, you’ve definitely earned a bit of a “vacation”! The Kenyan coast is a tropical paradise, where the weather is beautiful pretty much all year round. Just a few hours of travel from Taita Hills, you’ll find the warm city of Mombasa. You’re going to explore Mombasa! Mombasa is full of history, culture, colors, and scents. Mombasa is described in many ways, but believe us when we say that this city has an irresistible charm. It’s a melting pot of cultural influences, funky streets, and laid-back coastal vibes, all under the tropical sun.

Breakfast + Dinner

Cityblue Creek Hotel

Streetfood tour


Day 11: Watamu

During a beautiful drive along Kenya’s coastline, heading inland, you’ll have thousands of palm trees and baobabs on your left and the blue ocean horizon on your right. What more could one ask for!
The biggest adventure is now behind you! You can now spend a few days relaxing on the beach and by the pool of your private villa. This villa includes a chef who can prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for you (groceries not included). Of course, you also have the freedom to explore the culinary delights of Watamu. But even for the active ones, there’s more than enough to do here. You can go kitesurfing, snorkeling, hiking, playing paddle tennis… Enjoy!

Chef included

Private villa

Day 12: Watamu

Watamu: an idyllic fishing village often referred to as the “Little Italy” of Kenya! The Watamu Marine Park is considered one of the best snorkeling and diving areas in East Africa. Besides being the perfect spot for snorkeling, this village is also the place to indulge in delicious Italian cuisine. So, it’s all about ultimate relaxation and treating yourselves to Italian delights! “Watamu” literally means “Sweet People,” and most of the locals certainly live up to that. Sit back, relax, and enjoy everything that Watamu has to offer. Go snorkeling, kitesurfing, explore the deep blue ocean by boat, visit the Gedi Ruins, Mida Creek, or spot sea turtles and dolphins.

Chef included

Private villa


Day 13: Watamu

Today, at the end of the day, you will head to the Crab Shack. This restaurant is located in Mida Creek – one of the few places in Watamu where you can watch the orange sun sink into the water. This (literally) hidden gem is managed by the Dabasco Creek Conservation Group and is nestled deep within the Mida Forest, above the creek on a series of elevated walkways and platforms. The restaurant sits above the tidal creek, behind the mangroves. But before you enjoy a wonderful dinner here, it’s time for a boat ride. After about an hour of cruising, you’ll indulge in fresh crab, lobster, and shrimp. Order a cold beer and raise a toast to the setting sun.

Chef included

Private villa

Boat Trip & Crab Shack

Watamu - Example Trips (families)

Day 14: Heading back home

Everything comes to an end, and so does this wonderful adventure through Kenya. Fully refreshed, you pack your bags to catch the flight back home. With a healthy glow on your cheeks, you step onto the plane, close your eyes, and recline your seat, drifting away to the incredible adventures you’ve experienced. Full of inspiration and overflowing with beautiful memories, you open the front door. Untouched nature, abundant wildlife, an inspiring population, and vibrant cities. You now have plenty of stories to share with your family and friends by the fireplace. Welcome home! An adventure has ended, but you’re richer in experiences. Thank you for booking with Charlie’s Travels! See you next time?! Cheers!


What does a group trip with Charlie's Travels look like?

Responsible travel

There is a local guide present who can tell you all about the area and the culture. He will be with you throughout the journey and can assist where needed. We have intentionally chosen a local guide so that you can experience the real African experience and engage in authentic encounters.

Diverse meals

Throughout the trip (except in Nairobi & at the coast), a chef accompanies you to prepare your meals. So, the food is included except for the last evenings at the coast (breakfast is always included). The cuisine is a blend of local and Western dishes, allowing you to experience new flavors while also enjoying familiar meals.

Tailored service

The costs for the activities that you absolutely shouldn’t miss are all included in the price. Only at the coast, you’ll have a choice of different activities, which are not included, but we can assist you if you want to do these activities. Maybe you just want to relax on the beach 🙂

We are "on the ground."

We are on the ground and know the country inside out. If there’s anything, we’re here to help right away. Whether it’s connecting you with a Dutch doctor, recommending reliable hospitals, or suggesting a great restaurant to wrap up your evening.

I want to go on a group trip!

After completing the form, we will contact you to send you the airfare and personalized itinerary, among other things. In this email there is also a link to schedule a call if there are any questions. After this you can make an official reservation.

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