Active travel

“We stand for off-the-beaten-track travel and sometimes it takes a little more effort to get this done, but it’s completely worth it! Camping in the wilderness, tearing across the savannah on a motorbike, swimming among exotic fish or braving challenging hike routes. Discover new places that you might otherwise never visit, interact with a variety of people, expand your world knowledge and stare longingly at the horizon, there is so much waiting for you! ”

– Charlie


Active travel

“We stand for off-the-beaten-track travel and sometimes it takes a little more effort to get this done, but it’s completely worth it!

– Charlie


Active travel through Africa: what is possible?

Tear through the savanna

We have our very own fleet of 150cc Honda Boxers and five years of experience in motorcycling through Africa. In short, you’ve come to the right place for a once in a lifetime motorcycle safari. Whether it be a father and son outing or a group of friends, this is an unforgettable experience for everyone. We’ll drop the bikes on the outskirts of the conservancy, so you can – even with minimal experience – race with the wildebeests or ostriches. This motorcycle safari could be part of a bigger adventure or explore all of Africa on two wheels. Anything, well almost anything, is possible, ask us!

Motor safari Africa
Road trips

Road tripping

You may have already done a road trip through Europe and found that there isn’t that much to explore out there anymore. Africa, on the other hand, is the real deal; exploration and adventure exist everywhere! Have you fantasized about visiting all the highlights of the Northern Cape, the remote Lake Turkana or crossed the vast sandy plains of Namibia? A strong 4 × 4 and some courage will go a long way to making a memorable adventure.

Great hikes and tours

Hiking in Africa? Many people immediately think of Mount Kilimanjaro. The Kili is magnificent, but also costs a lot of money and requires a lot of time; a minimum of six days. There are so many exceptional mountains to climb and special trips on the African continent, one need not limit themselves to one possibility. For example, brave the Loita Hills with Maasai warriors, explore a famous national park on foot or adventure in the unspoilt south of Ethiopia.

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Camping out in the bush

With nothing but canvas between you and the wilderness, camping in Africa is an experience you will always remember! Fall asleep to the sounds of nature, tell stories by the campfire and let yourself be mesmerized by the stunning starry sky. Set up your tent on the edge of a crater,  in a  wildlife/nature reserve, on the bank of a river, on a sacred Maasai mountain or in the desert; anything is possible!

Wild water sports

The entire coastline of the Indian Ocean is perfect for a variety of water sports! The Kenyan coast and Zanzibar, for example, are unparalleled for sports like kitesurfing. Ideal for beginners and the beaches are nice and quiet! Prefer wave surfing, then South Africa is the place to be. Or spot the ‘Wet’ Big Five in Mozambique; whale sharks, manta rays, devil rays, dolphins and sea turtles. Enjoy the crystal clear water as you dive or snorkel among these fascinating beasts!

Dutch-style cycling

You may be a Dutchman, or you may not be, either way, jump on your steel steed and go! For example, Hell’s Gate National Park is the only park in East Africa that you can cycle through. Spot elephants and giraffes from your saddle, while the zebras run alongside you. You can also explore the land of a thousand hills by bicycle as if you are a part of the Tour de France! .This Congo Nile Trail in Rwanda is 260 kilometres long and the highest point is almost 2500 metres high. So not just any bike ride! More of mountain biking? This is possible around Lake Manyara, in Eswatini or the South African Cederberg.

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