Cultural tours

“Africa has an enormous diversity of cultures! These often originated from traditional tribes. Think about; dance, music, African artefacts and attires. But don’t forget modern African culture, which thrives in bustling cities such as Cape Town and Nairobi! In Africa you will find a mix of different nationalities: this forms a diverse cultural landscape.”

– Charlie


Cultural tours

“Africa has an enormous diversity of cultures! These often originated from traditional tribes. Think about; dance, music, African artefacts and attires.”

– Charlie


Getting to know African cultures: what is possible?

Native tribes

Get to know Africa’s tribes and their traditional ways of living: the Maasai or Samburu in Kenya and Tanzania, the Karamojong in Uganda, the Hamer in Ethiopia or the Xhosa in South Africa. Learn about their customs, trade fascinating stories around the campfire while you enjoy A juicy steak and sleep under the open sky. We have developed unique Tribal Treks along with our warrior friends and therefore offer a pure, unforgettable experience; no tourist play! So don’t be upset when a traditionally dressed Maasai walks around with a smartphone and rides a motorbike… they are quite modernised.

African city safaris

On the back of a motorcycle zoom through bustling cities such as Nairobi and Kampala, or crisscrossing on foot through coastal towns such as Mombasa or a city safari where you get a quick glimpse into the lush African city life. See different faces of the city, taste exotic dishes, visit the colourful markets, learn about the history and hear impressive stories from city dwellers. And don’t forget to immerse yourself in the exciting nightlife!

Chilling history

History is up for grabs on the African continent. For example, in South Africa! South African culture is closely linked to Dutch culture, and here you will certainly find Dutch influences. Learn about the colonial history of our great-great- granddads and grannies on Cape Town walk or visit the Apartheid Museum!. Ethiopia,  the origin of the modern man, the Homo Sapiens, is a mecca for every culture enthusiast and history geek. Here you will find churches carved out of the rock, ruins of ancient empires and other fascinating archaeological sites.

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Culinary delights

In Africa, you may not immediately guess that there are many unique gourmet dishes to die for; not rightly so! In many African countries, great, flavorful food is really a way of life. A  paradise for any foodie.  In Mozambique, for example, where you can indulge in banana curry, Piri Piri chicken, fresh calamari, salted fish and avocado coriander salads. In Uganda, you sink your teeth into a Rolex – not the fancy watch brand but a popular street food snack, while in Ethiopia, the cuisine is full of spicy, aromatic flavours with different dips of Indian and Arabic origin, and not to forget, the best coffee in Africa!

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Special homestays

Stay in one of the local homestays and get to know the interesting residents. You get to stay in their house and have meaningful conversations while making yourself comfortable on the couch in a cosy living room. Get to indulge in the local cuisine and even take part in the day-to-day activities if you wish to, learn all about daily African life and often you can also discover the amazing surroundings of the homestay!

Arab influences on the coast

Visit some of the ancient Swahili settlements on the coast of East Africa and step back in time as you stroll through the Islamic Old Town of Lamu or Stonetown in Zanzibar. Buy fresh tuna, squid and octopus on the waterfront from wooden boats; residents ride on donkeys and the call from the mosque is heard in the background. Sail the ocean in a traditional dhow and get lost in the endless maze of narrow alleys and coral walls, where you can keep discovering hidden shops, courtyards and restaurants.

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