The success of Charlie's Travels lies with our employees. We are building a close-knit team with the goal of getting to know, understand, and support each other.

Our team consists of three departments: marketing, sales and operations.


This is where it all begins for many travellers. What makes Charlie’s Travels so unique? Who are they, and why should you choose them over an easy standard safari trip? From the first (brief) contact with the company to the moment they are fully convinced that booking a trip to Africa through Charlie’s Travels is a must and can’t wait to speak with a consultant who is a perfect match for them. The team meticulously plans this “journey” along with process optimizations, website enhancements, and collaboration with the rest of the company.


The first truly personal contact happens with our sales consultants. Once someone shows interest in that unforgettable African trip, they jump on it and schedule a call as soon as possible to learn everything about the customer as an individual and their travel desires. Then, the puzzle begins: weaving together all the wishes and points of interest into one seamless itinerary, ensuring that travelers get the most out of their vacation.


The final link is the operations team, which springs into action once a trip is confirmed. All preparations, reservations, and bookings can now be arranged. But it doesn’t stop there. Since all trips are fully tailor made, there may be occasional changes or unexpected challenges along the way—such as a flat tire. In such cases, the team immediately seeks a solution or alternative to ensure the journey continues as smoothly and quickly as possible.

At the moment we don’t have any job openings for potential English speaking employees.
Would you like to discuss if your profile matches our company in the future? Please send an e-mail to [email protected]