What You Need To Know About Healthcare In Kenya

Of course, we hope you won't have anything to do with Kenya's healthcare system. But should someone do sprain an ankle or get bitten by a scorpion, it is helpful if you know what to do.

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We partner with Amref Flying Doctors. This means they can assist us in case of emergencies on our off-the-beaten-track travels from the air. Note: for a nightmare about snakes in the desert don’t fly out of the helicopter, just spoon your Kenyan travel guide.


There is an emergency number in Kenya; 999. It just often does not work and the care on the ambulances is also not very adequate. Better to give first aid and then go to a hospital as soon as possible. You would do well to take a comprehensive first aid kit with you.


Malaria can be a deadly disease. Two different types of malaria occur in Africa; Malaria Tropica and Malaria Vitax. Malaria is transmitted by the mosquito that has the malaria parasite living in its sting. When bitten, this parasite enters your body and attaches itself in your liver (Malaria Vitax) or in your bloodstream (Malaria Tropica). After a few days to weeks or even months, this parasite that has multiplied in the meantime bursts open spreads through your body at lightning speed.
The patient feels sick, flu-like and has a fever. If left untreated, you can die in a few days. There are malaria tests that can tell you in minutes whether you are carrying this nasty parasite. Coartem will then be prescribed, making it very likely that the disease will be over in a few days.

The key is to avoid contracting malaria. Get informed (but do not be frightened) at the tropical clinics in the Netherlands. People in the tropics usually know more about the medical risks in their place of residence than the homebodies sitting behind their desks in the Netherlands.

Quite a few myths circulate about malaria. The most persistent of which is that if you take preventive Malaria medication and unexpectedly contract Malaria (which is possible), the disease is difficult or impossible to treat. Bullshit! Malaria is just as treatable if you did take Malarone Prophylaxis. Also, drinking quinine (tonic) is not an effective means of keeping malaria mosquitoes at bay.

If you are pregnant, it is better not to travel to areas with malaria, as any infection will increase the chances of a lower birth weight or premature birth. Children can take Malarone Prophylaxis (a preventive malaria drug) from 5 kilos onwards. Further, wear covering clothes after sunset, spray with Deet and sleep under a mosquito net. Spray your room with Doom during dusk a few hours before you go to sleep.

Here in Kenya, despite the Dutch predominantly red-coloured maps you see at travel clinics, there are large areas that are malaria-free. From Mombasa to Tanzania, malaria is common. So swallowing Malarone prophylaxis is recommended here. In western Kenya, especially in Kisumu and around Lake Victoria, there is also a higher risk of malaria. Malarone Prophylaxis is highly recommended here!Above 1,500 metres, malaria is almost non-existent. So in Nairobi, Naivasha, Nakuru and Aberdares you are relatively safe from these vicious critters and their nasty disease.

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Hospitals and general practitioners in Kenya

Below is a list of hospitals and GPs in Kenya. Of course, if you travel with us, we can also help you find the nearest, good doctor!

Hospitals in Nairobi

The Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi

3rd Parklands Avenue, Limuru Road
+254 366 2020 / 22 or +25 374 0000

The Nairobi Hospital
Argwings Kodhek Rd,
+25 703 082 000 – +25 730 666000

Gertrudes Childrens hospital
34 Muthaiga Rd
+25 207 206000

Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, Lavington Clinic
Othaya Road, Off Gitanga Road Lavington
+25 736 993100

Huisarts Nairobi (nederlandse huisarts)
Family Medical Practice
333 Ngong Road, Karen
Nairobi 00502, Kenya
+254 722646 891
+254 733 642246

Emergency: +251 724840246


The Aga Khan Hospital Mombasa
Vanga Road, 80100 Mombasa

Diani Beach

Diani Beach Hospital
5074, Diani Beach
+25 700 999999

Kiambu County

Kijabe Misonary hospital
Kijabe Road, Kijabe
+254 709 728200 / 020 3246500


Kijabe hospital
Naivasha/Mai Mahiu Road
+254715656926 / +254 733422346

Huisarts Naivasha

Axita Pharmacy, Doctor Nahil Dave
Moi Avenue, Naivasha
+254 725 617 805‬


Dr. Benjamin Asiyago (huisarts)
Pandit Nehru Rd, Nakuru
+254 717 241677

Kisumu/Lake Victoria

Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu
Otieno Oyoo Street, Kisumu
+254 722 203622

Amref Flying Doctors
Emergency: +254 20 6992299 / 3315454 / 3315455 / 6002492


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