We love Kenya! It’s our home country from out of which we operate and work. And thank god other people love Kenya too. After a few lesser years in tourism it’s finally picking up again. However, with more tourists, places become crowded – even in a wide stretched country such as Kenya. We as a young travel agency fight day and night to find the kind of destinations where you don’t que for a ticket (queuing sucks). Here’s our first ‘Charlie’s Travels Curates’: our selection of the best off the beaten track destinations in Kenya!

DESTINATION #1: The Magadi Maasai Tribal Trek

Magdai Desert Maasai Tribal trek - off the beaten track destinations in Kenya

Let’s start off with one of our personal favourite off the beaten track activities: the Magadi Maasai Tribal Trek. This trek was one of the first that Charlie developed together with a befriended tribe of Maasaii, and is unique to our travel agency. This hike starts in the Loita Hills. These hills are so lush and green it has been known in Maasai culture as the home to their god: Enkai. From these green woodlands you trek – guided by Maasai – into the desolate plaines of the Magadi dessert where you have the chance to take a bath in some natural hot springs.

To get a better idea about this travel destination, YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS VIDEO!

DESTINATION #2: Kisumu, Lake Victoria and surroundings

People often rely on the Indian ocean to get their dosis of tropical vibes. We are now rooting for Lake Vic as the new off the beaten track destination for coconuts, beaches and waterfront accommodations. And it’s a lot less hot and sweaty (we don’t like sweating). Head over to Kisumu, ask us for the best places to eat chicken, eat beer and watch the hippo’s pass by. Another good recommendation is to take a ferry and do some island hopping!


Off the beaten track in Kenya: eating chicken in a local joint in Nairobi.

Ok, I hear you thinking. Nairobi? Kenya’s capital? How is that an off the beaten track destination? Give us a chance to explain: Nairobi is not a city that is easy to discover. The main tourist spots such as the Giraffe Center, Elephant Orphanage and Karen Blixen Museum are the typical tourist places where people stand in line for tickets for hours (like we said, we don’t like to stand in line). Through our love for this city we developed a Nairobi city tour that shows you the REAL Nairobi. And we are not talking about a people safari in the slums. Together with a guide you hop on back of a motorbike, cruise around town, grab a Rongai party matatu (the local public transport, decked out with loud music and at least 3 LCD screens with videoclips) and take a break ever hour for another load of kuku (chicken) and Tuskers (beer).

Watch this video made by our videomakers to witness the vibes of a night out in Nairobi.

So, that was if for the first Charlie’s Travels Curates: The best off the beaten track destinations in Kenya. No worries, stay tuned to read more about the ins and outs of the adventures possible in Kenya!