Creating everlasting family experiences

I, Charlie, have frequently traveled with my family and the new impressions, culture shocks, adventures we’ve experienced as a clan created an exclusive bond between us. Patiently waiting in the wild, in complete silence for the wild animals to appear, conveys a powerful sense of connection. You might be of the belief that travelling to Africa with the entire family is too far; we believe that the wilderness and magic of East Africa will bring you happiness and delight.

Young families

For young families, East Africa is a special place. Spending quality time in pure nature and with the Robinson Crusoe sense of discovery will allow you to create unforgettable memories. Stay in extraordinary cottages with chefs that make these African flavours an absolute delight for your eyes and souls. From the cottage you can do plenty of activities and then securely return to your safety zone. Relax at tropical, dreamy beaches and have some time away from the hectic and monotone day-to-day life that does not allow you to create memories with the new members.

Families with grown children

It is a great opportunity to travel with the children before they start their very own families and consequently have less time to spend with you!

Mothers & Daughters

Have some time away from the boys. Leave all these action and adrenaline haunted men behind and go on a beautiful trip with your kind. Whilst going on cultural discoveries, understanding the formative influence of colonial powers in East Africa, you will also be able to spend quality time in charming and rustic interiors that might even inspire you for the design of your very own house. Visit distinctive (fabric, furniture and jewellery) shops where you will admire hand-crafted items by East African artisans and have the opportunity to purchase your beloved items. Let’s not forget about nature & wildlife: go on a game drive to see the incredible wildlife at hand. Have bush breakfasts surrounded by Zebras and just chat away… We take all your wishes into account and come up with a marvelous itinerary with you. Contact us!