To our great sorrow, with much disbelief and helplessness, we have to announce that Charles Witlox passed away on 29 December 2022.


Charles Witlox, known to many as Charlie, is the father of our company Charlie’s Travels. Many knew him as the adventurer who crossed Africa on his motorbike to discover new places for all his future clients. L In search of off-the-beaten-track adventures, he aimed to establish genuine connections with the local population so that our customers could experience the real Africa, as he knew it, rather than the image often portrayed by the media. Charles was an inspiration to us, an icon.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to him on 29 December 2022. This loss deeply affects us deeply. A wound that will not heal quickly. However, his legacy will live on, and we will continue his purpose and mission at Charlie’s Travels. To fulfill his dream, his mission.

Thank you Charles!

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In 2014, Charles boarded a plane to Africa. With a neatly trimmed beard and his diploma under his arm, he flew to Kenya to do an internship with an African provider that allows you to transfer money online, Pesa Point. Charles was having a great time, yet something under the skin tingled…. The maps made him curious, he found it hard to sit still and the hunger for adventure grew.

So, Charles hired a motorbike and went on an adventure. A real adventure. Right off the beaten track and straight through the bush. He made a trip that would change his life forever. When he met some men from the traditional Masai ethnic group with whom he ate fresh goat meat around the campfire, exchanged tall tales and dozed off under millions of stars in the clear sky, a friendship for life was born.

It became clear to Charles what he needed to do: Kenya was so much more than safari parks and luxury lodges with breakfast buffets by the beach! Could he possibly
develop adventure itineraries? Meet new people and create authentic trips together? And thus show fellow travellers a different Africa?

And there, on Kenya’s vast savannah under the golden light of the rising sun, Charlie’s Travels was born.

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